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The world of travel and tourism witnesses new gems of attraction each year, but few shine as brightly as the recent revelation: Dhordo Village. This humble yet culturally rich village, nestled in the heart of Kutch district, has been conferred with the esteemed title of ‘Best Tourism Village 2023’ by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

This accolade recognises Dhordo’s commitment to innovative, responsible, and sustainable tourism practices. With its global recognition, Dhordo, near the Rann of Kutch region, has become more than just a destination; it’s a testament to India’s immense tourism potential.

In this guide, explore more about Dhordo’s culture and discover stay options that promise to enhance your journey through this remarkable village.

Dhordo: A Blend of Culture and Natural Splendour

Dhordo, situated in the expansive landscape of Kutch, stands as a testament to deep-rooted traditions and natural beauty. It’s the proud host of the Rann Utsav, an annual festival that celebrates the region’s vibrant arts, soulful music, and unique crafts. The Rann of Kutch festival isn’t just an event; it’s an invitation into the heart and soul of Dhordo. Visitors, entranced by the festivities, often speak of the soulful melodies that linger in their minds long after they’ve left.

Beyond the festivities of Rann Utsav, the White Rann of Kutch unfolds like a canvas of dreams.

Its vastness offers sights that seem like mirages from a fable. The subtle crunch of salt underfoot, the gentle gusts of wind carrying tales of old, and the unending horizon play with the imagination of every traveller. Opt for a calming camel safari to traverse these plains or the thrill of a jeep ride, kicking up the salt as you go – every experience is distinct. And come nightfall, the skies transform. The vastness below is mirrored above, offering a celestial show that’s hard to forget.

DDhordo’s legacy lies not just in its landscapes but in the hands of its artisans. Their crafts – be it the delicate textiles, the intricate embroidery, the musical chime of copper bells, the vivid Rogan art, or the finesse of wood lacquer art – all are imbued with stories. These tales speak of generations of artisans, of their dreams and their passions.

Nature lovers have a special treat in Dhordo. The region welcomes a variety of migrating birds, including the flamingos, cranes, and pelicans.

For those who seek a closer bond with nature, Dhordo offers a heartwarming glimpse into the simple and beautiful rhythms of the natural world. After exploring Dhordo’s rich culture and beauty, the next step is finding a stay that perfectly embodies the essence of the village.

Your Stay at Rann Utsav-The Tent City: To Fully Experience Dhordo's Essence

To truly witness and embrace the magic of Dhordo, one requires a stay that complements the spirit of this vibrant village. And that’s where Rann Utsav-The Tent City steps in, ensuring explorers get an authentic and luxurious experience of this world-acknowledged place.

Located to offer the best views and access to all of Dhordo’s attractions, Rann Utsav-The Tent City provides a harmonious blend of grandeur and traditional aesthetics. It’s not just about providing a roof and bed; it’s about offering an experience. Whether it’s the local cuisine that tingles your taste buds or the evening cultural performances that resonate with the village’s ethos, the property ensures that every moment of your stay becomes a cherished memory.

For both the seasoned traveller and the inquisitive explorer, Rann Utsav-The Tent City in Kutch offers curated packages tailored to discover the authentic beauty of Dhordo and its surroundings. The packages offer a journey through Dhordo’s iconic landmarks, from Kala Dungar and Gandhi nu Gaam to immersive guided tours of Mandvi beach’s shimmering white sands, the historic Shyamji Krishna Varma Memorial, the majestic Vijay Vilas Palace, and the impactful Smritivan Earthquake Memorial Museum.

Recognising each traveller’s unique quest for exploration, we offer a spectrum of Rann of Kutch packages, from brief one-night getaways to expansive four-night adventures, offering flexibility to cater to individual preferences and schedules. Whether it’s a fleeting glimpse or a deep dive into the cultural tapestry of Dhordo, every itinerary promises unforgettable moments.

Imagine serene evenings spent under the vast skies, watching the sun’s radiant descent over the ethereal White Rann, or tracing the waves on Mandvi’s shores. Whatever the duration, the promise is an experience that’s both convenience-centric and richly authentic, making your visit to Dhordo truly timeless.

Dhordo Awaits

Dhordo is a narrative of rooted traditions, accredited cultural richness, and a relentless commitment to innovation and sustainability across all aspects. With its recent recognition by UNWTO, the village invites travellers from around the world to explore its myriad offerings.

So, as the horizon of the Great Rann of Kutch beckons and the melodies of traditional tunes call out, remember, there’s no better abode to embrace Dhordo’s essence than at Rann Utsav-The Tent City. Dive into a journey of discovery and let Dhordo’s magic envelop you.