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Evoke Experiences/Eyak Ventures Private Limited is reimagining tourism worldwide, offering a wonderful blend of exquisitely crafted experiences with sophisticated luxury across varied tourism genres, such as cultural, rural, spiritual, heritage, patriotic, wildlife, eco and adventure. The beautifully curated itineraries and experiences by Evoke transform mere trips into immersive experiences, delighting the heart of travellers, allowing them to create beautiful memories. With comfort and luxury, Evoke is developing the diverse and untouched landscapes into destinations that offer visitors a holistic and soul-enriching experience.

Driven by a passion for sustainability, team Evoke firmly believes in eco-friendly practices, supporting local artisans and promoting responsible tourism. Each member of Team Evoke ensures that every journey has a minimal ecological footprint while maximising cultural immersion.

Operations and Management

Evoke’s strength in operations and management is evident in the successful execution of several prestigious projects. Each property under Evoke’s guidance embodies the commitment to operational excellence, ensuring seamless services and customer satisfaction. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach, the team at Evoke ensures that all operational aspects are handled with an unmatched level of professionalism and efficiency.
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A Brainchild of Esteemed LJS Group

Evoke Experiences is a brainchild of the popular LJS Group, a company renowned for its contributions to event infrastructure and landmark tourism projects for more than 100 years. This strong foundation fuels Evoke’s commitment to setting new standards in hospitality, offering unique experiences enriched with unmatched resources and insights.

Committed to Sustainability

Evoke’s commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism is a driving force in the operational strategy. The team strives to minimise the ecological footprint, promoting local economies and protecting the rich cultural heritage of the destinations.

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