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Evoke’s vast portfolio of unique properties caters to various tourism preferences. Rann Utsav-The Tent City draws those seeking an intersection of natural, cultural, and rural tourism, revealing the pristine White Desert and culturally rich traditions whereas Niraan – The Tent City, Varanasi caters to spiritual seekers, imbuing spirituality with a touch of luxury. Statue of Unity Tent City-1 epitomises the patriotic spirit of travellers, on the other hand, Gandhisagar Floating Festival reflects Evoke’s commitment to eco-consciousness. Kuno Forest Retreat is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, adding a dash of adventure to wildlife observation, while Evoke Dholavira allows visitors to take a closer look at the Harappan civilisation that lasted till around 1500 BCE.
At Evoke, we’re not just creating luxurious travel experiences; our projects are a testament to the versatility and breadth of our expertise, each reflecting the unique charm and character of its location.